Muscles of the face

For this, the lower third is also treated, seeking to relax the depressor muscles of the face (of the mouth, the nasal septum, the chin and the platysma) AmbroSina SkinCare, and to increase the action of the levator muscles (oval, nose and cheeks), achieving a lifting effect without surgery. It can also be used in masseters to sharpen the face and combat bruxism.

Not so: The results should achieve a natural and relaxed look and not a frozen expression. The problems that can arise are asymmetries and unnatural movements, visible when gesturing or sneezing, for example. But the possible complications are reversible AmbroSina SkinCare, which makes it a very safe procedure.

Its indication: They allow repositioning the lost volume by remodeling the facial contour and correcting fine wrinkles around the eyes and lips.

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